Here's what our patients are saying about us:

"...Jump started my life!"

"Dr Scott and staff are top of the heap! I am a retired physician and active. I golf and fish. I have sleep apnea. I noticed right away my sleep apnea improved. I no longer have to use nasal vasoconstrictors at night. I feel rested with 5 hours of sleep a night. I do like a short afternoon nap. My energy levels are up. My mood is up, though my wife thinks I am going through my second childhood! I would recommend this doctor and this staff to anyone! "

- Michael C.

"This is the place to go for family wellness care. My entire family enjoys wonderful care here not for pain and symptoms, but because we love being our best. The team that works obviously love what they do, as we are always greeted BY NAME, with a smile, and it is clear our needs are being met at Body In Balance."

-Sam H.

" I'm a pretty healthy person. At 34. I'd not had any major health problems and prided myself on good nutrition, supplements and as much exercise as my busy schedule and 3 children would allow! So when I started feeling knee pain in June of '08, I denied myself and doctor visits for weeks thinking I had just strained a ligament. When it got to the point where I couldn't even stretch without pain I started getting worried. I met Dr. Scott through a referral from another personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness where I was a member. He noticed my frustration during exercise and when I told him about my painful knees he said "Oh, well I've just the person for you!" Dr. Scott assessed my knee there at the gym and we made an appointment for x-rays. I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease otherwise known as arthritis of my knee. At that point I thought "This is it- I'm at the end of the road as far as being active." Little did I know that through deep tissue massage, adjustments and personal training (By Dr. Scott himself!) at the gym, that my initial thoughts were far from wrong! Today, almost a year later I am running less than a 10 minute mile on the treadmill, something I couldn't even do before I had painful knees!
Since I joined Dr. Scotts practice my entire family has been assessed and my mother-in-law, my husband and 3 year old all receive regular care. We have been coming in to "turn the power on!" As Dr. Scott says, and are so grateful for good health!"

- Aletha N.

" When I first came to see Dr. Scott I had been having lower back pain off and on for several years. I also had been having pain on the right side of my neck for 2 months straight and frequent headaches and dizziness. At 36 years of age and never having chiropractic care in my life I was long over due, especially after having two babies. However, I had kept putting it off for the same reason I'm sure many others have put it off- I was afraid of the painful experience. Fortunately my good friend continued asking me about it and encouraging me to get at least an evaluation. She finally convinced me to go when she mentioned that Dr. Scott had used chiropractic care on her own children. I knew she wouldn't send them to just anyone, so I made the appointment.

My initial experience with Dr. Scott was nothing like I had expected. Right away he made me feel comfortable by giving me a detailed explanation of what was going to happen. He also asked me a lot of questions to get a good understanding of what my problems were and listened to what my concerns were. To my surprise after the very first adjustment my neck was greatly decreased and within a couple of weeks the headaches and dizziness were also greatly decreased. I was getting headaches about twice a week, now I only get them about twice a month. The low back pain has also improved and I truly feel much better and best of all it has never been painful. Aside from great chiropractic care Body in Balance has a wonderful staff where everyone wants to know how you're doing. It has been a great experience for me and I would recommend Body in Balance to anyone!"

- Charise G.

" I'm 52 years old and I've had lower back and neck pain for over 15 years.I've lived with the neck pain, but after 10 years of living with the lower back pain I finally went to my health care provider.Two appointments later I was told I had muscle spasms.I would have spasms about once every 2 months where I would be dropped to my knees in pain.I took 200 to 800 mg of ibuprofen and took it easy for a few days.Three times it was so bad I ended up in either urgent care or the emergency room.Each time I would be prescribed muscle relaxers, pain pills and told to take more ibuprofen.I don't like taking medications because of the side effects.The only other treatment the doctors would prescribe was physical therapy, which I diligently accomplished.With all that I still had the spasms and was forced to cut down on physical activity, sports and take the medications.I've always thought about going to a chiropractor but was not comfortable with the thought of having my neck and spine adjusted.Finally, on the recommendation of my daughter, Amanda and son Eric, I contacted Dr. Scott's office and had my first evaluation in April 2009.After just one month my lower back pain and muscle spasms were gone and Dr. Scott has been doing a fantastic job of relieving my neck pain.I have more movement in my neck and back and have had more consistent comfort than I've had in years, all without medication.The entire staff at Body In Balance are the most friendly and professional I've ever met.I've also received a massage from Heather which has really helped.I would recommend Dr. Scott and his staff to anyone. As a matter of fact I referred my other daughter, Jamie, who has been seeing Dr. Scott for about two weeks due to back pain from an automobile accident.My grandson, 3 month old Kamron, may also become a patient.Dr. Scott is our family pain reliever. "

- Brian F."

About a year ago I injured my right shoulder and could barely lift my arm up half way without wincing in pain. My doctor told me it was a rotator cuff injury. She said I could either have surgery or go to physical therapy. I chose physical therapy. The therapist at least got it where I could get about 80% range of motion. I only had so many sessions that I could go to due to my insurance, so when my sessions ended I didn't want to lose the progress that I made, so I got a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and told her about my shoulder injury and she said she could work with me and hopefully get full range of motion. After a couple of months it got a little better, but not like it should, plus my neck was starting to get tense which was causing me headaches at least 2-3 times a week. So in March my trainer recommended I go to Body in Balance Chiropractic since she knew Dr. Scott. When I went in for my visit, everyone was very friendly. Dr. Scott went over my forms and asked a few more questions and then told me he was going to do some computerized scans of my spine to see where the real problem was. The scan showed I was way out of wack due to favoring my left side. After one week I started feeling better, without headaches and the tension in my neck greatly decreased. After one month, Dr. Scott took new scans and what a difference they were form the first scans. So now that the spine is starting to look better, Dr. Scott is starting to really work on my shoulder and it is finally starting to feel like I'm getting progress on that too. I can't wait to see what the scans show after two months with Dr. Scott working on my spine and shoulder. I have since passed the word along to some of my co-workers that they need to try Body in Balance Chiropractic."

- Chris D."

After being physically active for most of my life, I went through a period of inactivity. When I was able to get back to being active, it seemed as if every part of my body was rebelling. Everything hurt, and I didn't have the range of motion that I expected. On my own I tried analgesics, some basic exercises, and swimming to combat the pain. I had some relief, but was about to resign myself to the excuse having been exceptionally hard on my body for years. Fortunately, the health club I joined had Dr. Scott on its staff. Thanks to a conscientious account manager, I got Dr. Scott as my personal trainer. Not only was he an upbeat and inspiring trainer, but he also gave me basic information about chiropractic practice. After working with Dr. Scott for several weeks, I decided to visit him in his professional capacity at Body in Balance Chiropractic. Not only did he take on my various complaints, but he answered all of my questions and developed an effective program including visits and exercise. I am pleased to say that today I am stronger and more comfortable. I owe Dr. Scott and his wonderful massage therapists, Holly and Heather, many thanks for their care. It is a pleasure to go to Body and Balance Chiropractic. The staff is enthusiastic and welcoming. They have created a community of support and care which is a refreshing change from the often impersonal care of other medical facilities."

- Glynis I."

I was referred to Body in Balance by my personal trainer. I owe him a bundle of thanks for that referral. I started with massage therapy for several chronic pain areas form old injuries. I had been fearful of chiropractic and massage therapy because I listened to uninformed people's opinions. What I found here at Body in Balance was a sincere team of people absolutely dedicated to improving my well being. I've been through various doctors trying to manage pain that was impairing me from living a full joyful life. Doctors prescribed all kinds of medications to manage the pain and depression caused from being in pain all the time. I wasn't willing to trade in my digestive health by swallowing anti-inflammatory medications numerous times daily. All of these merely masked the pain rather than move me toward recovery. Besides medication I've been through physical therapy several times through the years. Though there was some relief, it was short lived and the pain returned. Exercise movements and stretching helped with mobility but it is difficult to stay motivated to exercise when you hurt worse afterward. What I have found here is a wellness team that is positive, happy and very serious about relieving the root cause of the problem, rather than masking the effects. I felt a very family oriented care system and immediately felt a work ethic second to none from everyone I've worked with. My quality of life has already improved in the short time I have worked with the clinic. With the combination of Dr. Scott's expert chiropractic care, Heather's amazing massage and continued physical training I am becoming healthier every day. If I could give any advice it would be START NOW! Don't wait and wonder if things could be better. Work with Dr. Scott and his wonderful staff to make it so. "- Patty P." In June 2008 I came in to see Dr. Scott because I had a pinched nerve causing a shocking pain down my left leg. I had previously gone to my doctor and she prescribed me medication that I could not take while I was at work and the pain continued to get worse. Dr. Scott said that the pinched nerve was caused by a herniated disc. Dr. Scott adjusted me regularly, and told me it would fix the disc. He also gave me simple exercises and stretches that would assist with the recovery and decrease the pain over time. Dr. Scott only prescribed a natural anti-inflammatory that had no side effects; where as my medical doctor gave me muscle relaxers that would knock me out and make me feel beat up in the morning. In addition, the recommended Ibuprofen made me feel loopy. I am now able to go about my regular day pain free. I came to Dr. Scott because my trainer, Anthony, and I am so glad I did. Not only is Dr. Scott a great Chiropractor but the staff is always up beat and happy. They make my visit an enjoyable one."

- Hana H."

I was involved in an auto accident several months ago that injured my neck and upper shoulder area. I tried pain relievers, physical therapy and muscle relaxers all prescribed by my family physician. I had to stop training with my personal trainer for almost 2 months, so he suggested I come see Dr. Scott. I am so grateful that he suggested that! Within a couple of months of care from Dr. Scott and Massage Therapy with Heather, I was back to even better than before the accident. My progress was so much faster than anything else I had been trying. I would recommend everyone to Body In Balance with no hesitation. They really care about your health and well being. They also make you feel so comfortable and part of their family. Even though I no longer have the problems I was experiencing from the accident, I will continue with my Wellness program with them forever. Thank you to everyone at Body In Balance for helping me to regain my health!"

-Virginia M.

" When I came to Dr. Scott's office, I had major neck pain, was getting headaches pretty much every day, had lower back pain as well as pain in my sciatic shooting down my leg. As Dr. Scott said when he was checking my painful spots, I "lit up like a Christmas tree" from the pain. I tried chiropractic for over a year in the past, but when my neck was still aggravated every day, I stopped going. I have one leg shorter than the other and doctors suggested a lift, but as a child it was too difficult to do, so I walked on with my body out of alignment. Then, I was in a car accident in my early teens and injured my neck, shoulder and lower back. I went through a month of physical therapy exercises and never sought help again for 15 years. As I grew older, the symptoms worsened, making exercise, working, schooling, cleaning, and hiking painful and the weight piled on year after year.
Within a couple months of going to Dr. Scott, I felt improvements and the headaches were almost non-existent. Different from my previous chiropractic care, Dr. Scott gave me exercises to do at home to help hold my adjustments and strengthen my body. Dr. Scott's friendly, family-like office offers a comfortable place to go, ask questions, and be encouraged to continue striving for optimal health. I know I can expect honesty, integrity, and happy faces from Body In Balance."

- Carrie S.

" I was having a lot of lower back pain. I also had tingling in my upper back with pain in my neck. I used a TENS unit and plenty of Motrin, but it was not working that well. I met Dr. Scott at the Health Fair at my work. I made an appointment and started Chiropractic care. My daughter also started care for scoliosis. Even after a short period of time my lower back stopped hurting, and the tingling has stopped in my upper back. I have received excellent care and recommend Dr. Scott to everyone that has problems or even those who desire preventative care."

-Maddie S.

" I have long been in conflict about seeing a chiropractor. I have an autoimmune disease that can be made worse by forceful manipulation, and I knew from prior experience that chiropractic could be intense. But I have intense regional and generalized pain due to the autoimmune disease. It was a quandary. My husband went to see Dr. Scott, and commented constantly about how much more gentle he was than our last chiropractor, and yet my husband was feeling much better. I made an appointment with Dr. Scott. He took things very slowly, was very gentle, and he took the time to research my condition to ensure he was able to help me (and suggest every other self-care modality I could use to increase my overall wellness!). My chronic pain is nearly non-existent now, which given the ongoing disease process in my body, is nearly miraculous. Because he is so gentle, he doesn't exacerbate the problem. In fact, I find the healing process to be so much quicker because of his gentle adjustments, perhaps because in the process of making it better, he's not doing further damage. Whatever the reason, his skill is unparalleled. Besides his immeasurable knowledge and skill, he is very bright, curious, and quick to pick up on new concepts. I think it is this natural inquisitiveness that makes him such a skilled diagnostician, and keeps him on the cutting edge of the latest knowledge. His office staff and massage therapists are all as wonderful as he is, warm, welcoming, and friendly. They are just as knowledgeable and skilled. It is wonderful to note that body, mind, and spirit are all better upon leaving than they were on arriving. I strongly recommend Dr. Scott, particularly for anyone with a complex medical history, or concerns about discomfort during chiropractic treatment. He has taught me that discomfort needn't be a part of wellness."

-Crystal I.

"I have never written a review before, but I felt my experience at Body in Balance was worth writing about. Dr. Scott was able to quickly diagnose my problem and adjust me in a very gentle way. He was very professional, but also warm and friendly. The front desk staff is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable when I checked in. My massage with Heather was fantastic and very relaxing. Such a great experience and I now highly recommend Body in Balance to all my friends!"

-Kathy B.

"The whole experience was pleasant and stress free. The office staff was always able to answer my questions and always made me feel welcome and cared for. Dr. Scott was able to not only identify the source of my pain, but the cause. He did this through a very thorough examination and x-ray. I have very poor chiropractic coverage through my insurance, but Body In Balance has a very affordable care plan that allows me to get the care I need. I never expected a chiropractor to do more than just focus on my back, but Dr. Scott has done more for my overall health than anyone."

-Tim S.

"I visited Dr. Scott during my pregnancy as I began experiencing hip and lower back pain. The treatment plan he put together, in combination with his flexible pricing plan, insured that my body was well aligned and in shape to carry and deliver my baby with the least amount of pain. Since the delivery (6 months ago) I continue to visit Dr. Scott for bi-monthly to make sure all is in check. When your body feels good, life feels good. I highly recommend Body In Balance. "

-Elise N.

"I went to Dr. Scott at Body in Balance Chiropractic in Vancouver, WA because I was having back and leg pain. He was so helpful and took the time to explain things to me! I really wasn't sure about chiropractic, but it helped me so much! I don't usually do reviews, but I can honestly say I don't have pain anymore so I thought Dr. Scott deserved some credit! I would really recommend this office! Friendly staff, great massages therapists, and really good chiropractor!"

-Sharon R.

"So glad I came to this office! Dr. Scott was stellar in his assessment of what I had going on. Spent time talking with me and answering questions. Was not pushy or salesy! Wonderful experience! Would highly recommend! "

John H.