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New Patients

Congratulations! You have just taken your first step in maximizing your body's potential, which will help you not only perform your every day activities smoother and safer, but improve your overall health.

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What to expect on your first visit

The first visit will take a bit longer than all other appointments. You should expect to spend around 30 minutes at our office if you have already filled out the paper work. We will first take a complete history, which includes your goals and expectations of care. We will then perform an examination to discover where we may help, which includes a physical portion to determine motion restrictions, sEMG and thermal scanning, and may include x-rays of your spine. Because of how unique you are, your doctor will need to take the appropriate time to correlate the examination findings and will schedule a time to review your findings with you during your second visit. Depending on your condition treatment may or may not take place on your first visit.

Your second visit

Your doctor will give you a formal report which will include what was found, what we will do to help you, how long it will take to get your body in balance, and how much it will cost.

Fill out your New Patient Paperwork here.

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